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Enforcement & Modification of Orders

Step One: Hire the right attorney.

Step 2: Collect Your Documentation

If you are seeking to modify your orders, the first step is to at least locate the outstanding court order. Next, begin to put together a list reasons the order needs to be enforced or needs to be changed.

Enforcement of Orders

When another party fails to follow proper child visitation procedures or fails to make support payments, I can help you enforce court orders prosecuting a contempt case.

Due to my lengthy legal career and extensive knowledge, I am able to skillfully handle these complex fact driven cases. I do all appropriate research and preparation before presenting one of these cases to a judge.

Modification of Orders

When circumstances change that affect a parent's ability to care for his or her children, seeking a child custody modification or child support modification of an order may be warranted. Some circumstances may include job loss, change in parental responsibilities, or addiction issues.

However, this is a difficult task. Judges are reluctant to alter their previously issued orders. I have the expertise necessary to clearly and effectively present the old facts and the new facts of your case to a judge.

The language and presentation an attorney uses are extremely important in these cases. I have the knowledge and experience necessary to understand what goes into making a strong case and molding the presentation to judicial predispositions.

Practice Areas

Child / Spousal Support
Division of Assets
Custody & Visitation
Enforcement / Modification of Orders

Quick Divorce Checklist:

  • Start getting your finances in order
  • Begin thinking about child custody proposals
  • Make a list of all marital properties and insurance policies
  • Collect the details of debt like credit cards, loans, etc.
  • Start writing down divorce questions to ask your lawyer
  • Contact Roland Turmaine and schedule an office visit

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After spending a small fortune with my first lawyer without achieving any results, I hired Roland Turmaine. He was able to successfully enforce a vague, favorable provision in my divorce agreement.

It was one of the few financially and emotionally satisfying days in the court system. I would recommend Mr. Turmaine to anyone.

- William / Chelmsford, MA