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Heading for Divorce – How Your Spouse Hid Their True Self So Well

Divorces are often caused by or include a revelation about a spouse's true self that the other person just can't believe they're married to. They're often left asking, "How did I not see it?" While people can be incredibly deceptive, sometimes they had a surprising accomplice.

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Deteriorating Marriages - That sense that something's wrong.

Marriages can often deteriorate without either party conciously noticing it. Sometimes, one person thinks things are fine or perhaps just "not quite right," while the other has only privately acknowledged problems. What happens during this period in your marriage can matter!

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How Social Media Can Affect Your Divorce

I have a Blackberry, an I-Phone, a laptop, a personal digital assistant (PDA), a “smart phone”, a thumb drive, a Twitter and a Facebook account, so what do I need to know about my confidential information as I proceed in my divorce?

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Considering Negotiations Before a Trial Begins

The dynamics and difficulties resulting from negotiations prior to and leading up to a trial date. Wondering what to expect if your divorce heads to court? Learn what to expect in the first several days and the importance of negotiations in the early stages.

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